Book Challenges

2017 Classics Challenge

'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read. - Mark Twain Though December has only just begun, many of us are already looking forward to the bonfire night when the slate is wiped and we step into another beginning. So What better way to knock of those much dreaded intimidating classics off your shelves… Continue reading 2017 Classics Challenge


My Christmas Reading List for 2016

Last year, I had ordered a bunch of christmas related books or books embracing the christmas spirit and enjoyed my little unofficial readmas so  I figured why not do this year as well ?  These books will also be a part of the #WYChristmasreadalong that I'm going to start in December. Here are 12 books… Continue reading My Christmas Reading List for 2016

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The same star of two cities

  The sun, moon and stars are the same everywhere but when I stood in my backyard I knew when the season was changing, when the glare of the sun increased, when the warmth hit a higher note and when the winds nudged the branches bringing a competitive streak of flirtations from the star above.… Continue reading The same star of two cities